Our success lies within our relationships that we have worked to grow since our founding. We are committed to our alliances with many quality manufacturers including VS America, Artcobell, Fleetwood Furniture Group, the Hon Company, National Office Furniture, and MooreCo to name a few.

Functioning as a private and independent company, we take on each project with an “all hands” mentality. Our owners remain involved from inception to completion, striving to master the desired environment of each individual client. Throughout our growth, we proudly continue to maintain an experienced and talented management team that never fails to adapt to our ever-changing industry.

We began in the Midwest, but since then we have impacted educational environments all over the country, transforming spaces to serve purpose.

For 50 years we have been known as the Frank Cooney Company and the Dixie Equipment Company, and while we can never forget our past and everyone who got us to where we are today, we know that evolution is necessary for a successful future.  As our company continues to grow across state lines we understand the importance of brand recognition and we have decided to add two important words in front of our former title. Two words that spell out where we have placed our dedication and passion for the last fifty years: Educational Environments.